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About the German Emirati Joint Council for

Industry and Commerce

AHKs are located all over the world and are of great importance

for the German economy.

German Emirati Joint Council for Industry

and Commerce (AHK)

The UAE is a dynamic market with a vibrant economy and a regional hub located at the cross-roads

between the East and West. Attracting qualified professionals to work in the UAE’s multicultural

yet challenging environment is an essential ingredient for success for German, Swiss and Austrian

(GSA) companies operating in both the UAE and the surrounding GCC markets.

The AHK is delighted to have found in Departer a very professional and trustworthy partner with

regard to all recruitment, human resources and consulting matters.

This is the second time that the AHK and Departer have combined forces to conduct a survey

among people working in German, Swiss and Austrian managed companies to create an overview

of the different salary levels that can be found across various industrial sectors within the UAE.

The information collected will serve to support the decision-making processes of employers and

employees when dealing with HR and salary issues.

Katharina Didszuhn

Head of Dubai Office

Head of PR & Communication

The German Emirati Joint Council for Industry and Commerce has offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai,

and also serves as the headquarters for AHKs in Oman and Qatar. The majority of its 500 members

are German companies that have offices in the UAE, followed by German-based and local UAE


The wide spectrum of services offered by the AHK includes general consulting in bilateral economic

relations, providing market information and conducting market studies. By regularly facilitating

business meetings and hosting social events, the AHK also functions as an excellent networking

platform for German and international companies.

HR & Salary Report 2015