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The HR & Salary Report 2015


HR & Salary Report 2015


a unique insight into the UAE employment market

with a

focus on various industrial sectors and occupations at GSA companies located in the country.

The following pages provide significant data on HR-related subjects in the UAE, such as employee

satisfaction and local challenges, as well as employment trends. The report focuses on existing

local salary structures and levels, which differ markedly from equivalent salary schemes in

Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The results describe current market conditions and provide a solid platform for understanding the

various issues surrounding paid salaries

. The report includes gross salary ranges across various

positions and different levels of work experience.

Due to its distinctive market conditions, European companies face numerous local and unfamiliar

challenges when they operate in the UAE. The report’s main objective is thus to reflect

current HR

and salary policies employed by German, Swiss and Austrian companies in the UAE.

Therefore, the

HR & Salary Report 2015

provides an overview of

recruitment policies and remune-

ration levels, and suggests strategies for retaining key talent and succession planning for German

companies in the Emirates to follow.

HR & Salary Report 2015